Investing with Patriot Hospitality

For over 40 years, our business focus has always been hospitality – it’s not only our job but our passion. And over the years, the Principals at Patriot Hospitality have adjusted and re-tooled their hotel portfolio to take advantage of hospitality returns as consumer preferences have changed. When you invest with Patriot Hospitality, you are partnering with an organization that invests its own money, as well as with an organization that stretches over 40 years and two generations of performance excellence. With headquarters in Irving, Texas, Patriot Hospitality’s footprint expands to six states including Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas. Currently, we are looking to develop and acquire hotels under the flags of the three industry leaders, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels and InterContinental Hotels Group. With the upmost expertise in the Select Service and Extended Stay segments that target the business traveler and the weekend leisure guest, you will find that at Patriot Hospitality, our experience runs deeps. We have been successful in developing and acquiring numerous hotels and maintain a conservative growth plan for the future. Historically, ownership in Patriot Hospitality’s hotels has been family-based. Today through a unique opportunity, we offer the chance for new investors to be added to our list of partners. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Patriot Hospitality Partner, please contact us at