About Patriot Hospitality

With over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, the Patriot Hospitality team has in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the industry including asset management, operational management, property development, renovation and talent development. With these industry strengths, our team has developed a talent for locating, acquiring and developing hotels in various markets, restoring hotels with capital, and hiring successful management. Our focus has always been on hospitality – it’s our passion. With our deep origins in the industry, developing and managing successful and superior hotels is ingrained in everything we do, from responsible hotel management and consulting to employee and customer care and active involvement with every hotel within our portfolio. Located in Irving, Texas, Patriot Hospitality is privately-owned and operates businesses in five states including Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas. Each project we’re involved in is specifically designed to maximize investor value, and with our team’s vast knowledge and past experiences in the industry only makes us better for future and diverse projects.